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Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field

Rejuvenation Life Center Therapies

HUGO™ High Intensity PEMF utilizes a Nano-Second Spark Gap technology. With HUGO™ there is no doubt that it is working – you can feel the pulsations.


Individuals suffering from a host of neurological issues such as spine or back pain, sciatica, cervical, herniated or ruptured disc, multiple sclerosis, or even stroke, arthritis, can benefit tremendously with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

Why Tony Robbins LOVES his HUGO.

Click to view him discuss the benefits of the therapy and why he uses it every day!

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is a modern magnetic therapy application. An electrical current running through a copper coil creates a pulsing magnetic field, resulting in a positive physical response.


Research on PEMF therapy has been ongoing since the 1940s. Scientists have published thousands of studies, clinical trials and research articles on the topic. There are many benefits to this novel wellness technology, as you’ll discover in this section, about the benefits of PEMF therapy.

Click to view Dr. Oz discuss the incredible benefits of PEMF therapy

Image by Paul Blenkhorn @SensoryArtHouse
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